Thursday, 28 July 2011

Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt

Despite the insensitive rows that broke out over Twitter about Amy Winehouse's untimely demise and whether or not "she had it coming", she certainly made her mark on the world in her short life. Of course with her incredible singing voice and poignant lyrics but for me, she'll be remembered for her quirky individual style.

It is the kind of fashion that most men will rarely understand or appreciate but a sense of style like Amy's - one that is instantly recognisable the world over - doesn't come about very often. The height-defying beehive, the OTT eyeliner, the tattoos and the ballet pumps - they are all synonymous with the late singer.

I remember buying two pairs of ballet shoes at Topshop a few years ago and knowing full well that Amy was the reason they were now in my wardrobe. I thought to myself that she should try and trademark them. Go to an indie night at any bar and you'll see Amy's influence everywhere, in denim cut-offs and 6os bouffants. And if nothing else then you know you've got an instantly identifiable style when you become a Halloween costume! There are rumours that a collection she designed for Fred Perry could be released posthumously if her family give the label the go ahead. And I hope they do. She may be gone but her style is timeless.

So Twitter can argue till the end of time about the reasons behind her death (though I wish they wouldn't) but putting aside the drug abuse and dysfunctional relationships, there is no denying that Amy was fearless and that was reflected in her fashion sense. As John Waters admiringly said recently, "It's hard to look that cheap and pull it off." And for that, she'll be sorely missed.

Recreating Amy:

- Maybelline gel eyeliner, £7.99. Perfect for creating that extreme 60s cats eye look. Comes with a great brush too.

- Head jog brush, £4.95. You'll get some serious height with this brush - hair stylists recommend it for backcombing.

- Temporary tattoos. Thanks to Chanel, temporary tattoos are no longer just for kids. If you don't want to go under the needle then these are perfect for that 50s rockabilly vibe.

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