Monday, 18 July 2011


The first time I wore false eyelashes was in 2006. It took me about an hour and a half to get them onto my eyes and even then they were half way up my eyes and kind of made me look like a droopy-eyed cartoon character. Nevertheless, I was hooked. As was the rest of the world it seemed. Thanks to Cheryl Cole's bambi eye's appearing on our TV screens every week on X Factor, everyone went nuts for falsies. Last month Debenhams said the sales of fake eyelashes soared by 1322% of fake eyelashes ahead of prom and festival season. Short, blonde normal eyelashes JUST WON'T DO ANYMORE!

For the longest time I have been an Eylure supporter. I'm fickle so I have have strayed to other brands (Ardell are great, Shu Uemara I don't rate, MAC are good too) but I have always returned to Eylure. Until now.

When the wonderful Georgia over at Z pr sent me a bundle of Superdrug's new range 'LASH' it felt like Christmas had come early! Their new styles feature 'Natural', 'Volume', 'Intense Volume' and 'Double Volume' so whether you're after Cheryl's eyes or more of a full on glamour model Jordan look, they've got it down.

I've only worn them twice and I'm already in love. I wore a 'Natural' set on a date recently (fluttery, but not too over the top) and the 'Volume' ones for a night out. The Intense Volume and Double Volume are being saved for my upcoming holiday in Ibiza (they're so long and thick I'm hoping they'll distract from the fact that I look like death from lack of sleep).

In the past, I've found some lashes are too heavy and the join is too thick. It makes them them difficult to apply, useless at staying on your lids and impossible to disguise with eyeliner (Shu Uemara and Boots' own range I'm talking to you) but these are light, easy-to-apply and have a great range of lengths and thickness.

Superdrug have also created a very easy-to-use eyelash applicator if you're still mastering the knack of getting them on.

At the moment, the lashes are only £3.99 so I urge you to go forth and give them a go. will be shaking in her boots.

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