Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hair today, icon tomorrow

Hey, remember when Danni Minogue cut her hair and everyone suddenly started liking her? She got a new bob, stopped being a Cheryl wannabe, pulled the botox injections out of her face and suddenly became more human. It's incredible how important a pair of scissors can be.

Similarly in Emma Watson's case, her razor sharp crop took her from geek to chic; from school girl to fashion icon. Now I'll admit that when she won the Fashion Icon award at the Elle Style Awards earlier this year, it seemed to me as though they had simply rewarded Emma for wearing a lusted-over studded Burberry trench and for slicing her locks off - "THAT DOES NOT AN ICON MAKE" I bellowed!

But ever since she won the girl has truly lived up to her new title and I've been proved wrong. Opting for mini's mostly, she's been sporting some of the hottest designers around - Hakaan, Marchesa and of course, Burberry. And, pictured below at the photocall for the new Harry Potter movie, Emma hit another fashion home run all the while proving that you can grow out an elfin cut stylishly (having done it myself, it's not easy).

Still, cutting ones hair isn't always a great idea. Remember these?

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