Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Golden Globes: A Progress Report

First things first. I'm sorry for my absence from the blogging world. You see, Christmas happened, then New Year happened and then January happened and then going back to work happened and then comfort eating happened and then lack of sleep happened and then my expanding waistline happened and then general uncertainity about life happen and then... oh, oh...I appear to be suffering from depression again. Ah January. Anyone for a Venlafaxine?

Yesterday, as I sat with my head in my ever-so-dry-from-the-awful-weather-and-unmanicured-due-to-no-money hands, I was beginning to think there was no hope at all. Would February ever arrive?
Then I saw it... the tweets about the nominees of the Golden Globes... oh my god, IT'S AWARD SEASON!!!! I had been so preoccupied with my own misery and the incredibly-difficult-to-get-through Black Monday that I had forgotten it was my favourite festive season! Forget Christmas or chocolatey Easter, Award Season gives me the joys like no other time of year! *Avid Merrion face*