Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beauty on a budget: Superdrug's MUA Professional range

In the last 6 weeks I have moved house and jobs AND country (it's only Wales mind you, but it's across water so it counts) so needless to say my beauty regime has taken a back seat. I know, not great for the Beauty Magpie to admit but I figured no one knows me here so no one can comment that I "look tired" if I go without eyeliner or fake tan). 

Today at a particularly slow day at work I realised it HAD TO STOP. I jumped up from my desk and ran out to the nearest Superdrug yielding my debit card like a looney. If you should ever happen to run into me in a pharmacy then I should warn you I turn into some sort of frenzied beauty addict in the make up aisles -swiping the wrong colour foundation on my face, testing different nail colours on every finger and picking up products I don't even want but all of a sudden HAVE TO HAVE (like Hair Vitamins for Men).

I had initially intended on replacing some make up that I lost on Saturday night (along with my memory and dignity, but that's a tale for another time) and in doing so, discovered something incredible. No, Zac Efron wasn't hanging out in the make up aisles. But a new make up stand was. One that I hadn't known about until right now... 

I may be behind here but Superdrug's own MUA Professional make up may be the greatest thing ever invented (besides Hair Vitamins for Men of course). I spent a few minutes testing the eyshadows, foundations and powders and fell instantly in love. The colours were great, the quality even better. But best of all? The prices are ridiculously low. I found myself making a few purchases (OK, a lot) but my favourite product of today has to be the amazing 'Immaculate Collection' eye shadow pallette.

6 months ago I bought a MAC pallette and nearly it filled it up with eyeshadows. In total the whole thing, with all the eyeshadow fillers, cost me nearly £150. I know, ridiculous. The pallette pictured above?


The colours are varied, vibrant and they blend easily. There is an array of bright shades for when you're feeling more daring and natural, earthy tones for during the day. It also has a few dark, shimmery colours for nights out. All in all, the perfect combination of colours. I tested out my favourite shades on my hand, which include a dark forest green, a bright purple and a shimmery gold.

If you're still not convinced then I should inform you that I have a MAC loose pigment eyeshadow (known for their intense pigments and sold for around £11 each) in a very similar shade to the purple in this pallette. and the MUA Professional one wins hands down. It's more vibrant and blends far more easily (and  who can really master loose eyeshadows after a few vodkas? They end up all over me and I'm supposed to be good at this stuff! So they're not suitable for touch ups on nights outs really).

So if you're looking for a Christmas present for a beauty junkie mate, then I've just taken out the leg work for you. Or if you just wanna treat yourself like I did (hey, I've been so good this year!) then Superdrug is the place to go.

Just don't be too alarmed if you catch sight of me standing in the aisles swallowing male hair vitamins and smearing face cream on my face like camouflage paint...

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