Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Festive nails

Don't tell anyone but...I prefer winter to summer.

I CAN'T HELP IT, OK? I'm pale as f**k so the sun doesn't agree with me and I prefer my body to be covered up by clothes rather than on display in a bikini (well...only until I can afford to get my boobs done anyway). But also because winter make up is just so much more fun.

In the summer it's all dewy fresh skin, bare eyes and creamy blusher (which ultimately adds up to an uglier Chrysti. I need eyeliner). Whereas in the winter you can slap it on, attach on preposterously long eyelashes and wear berry coloured lips and not look like a prostitute. Fabulous!

In the same way that wearing lipstick on the beach is a bit wrong, wearing certain colours on my nails is just unacceptable after a certain point. It hits October and I stop wearing pastels and barbie pinks and on goes the shades with stuff like "vixen" "deep" and "midnight" in the title. I've been a total doll (you can thank me later) and selected my favourite ones for this winter.

Red nails are a classic any time of year but a fresh take on them for winter is a berry red such as Nails Inc's 'Picadilly Circus'. Nails Inc polishes usually sell for around a tenner but this one came free with this months Glamour magazine which is only £2, so quick, go buy it!

Topshop's 'Eyes of Steel'. This super shimmery metallic lilac is perfect for the party season. I like shiny stuff so I struggled to stop staring at my nails when I had this on. It lasts longer than your average nail varnish too, it was chip free for 4 days.

Navy nails aren't exactly groundbreaking for winter but going a shade lighter is. Barry M's 'Indigo' is a great alternative.

My sisters fingers rocking Barry M's Deep Purple - a great day shade for winter. This was taken with her super duper camera (as opposed to my blackberry in the other shots) so it actually looks slightly lighter than it is. Either way, trust me, it's very nice.

I love me some nail art but doing polka dots or a reverse manicure can be super time consuming (and so soul-destroying if you accidentally smudge them after all your hard work. Yes I'm one of those mentalists that wants to have a weepy if I break a nail.) But if you're bored of wearing just one colour, then may offer you an alternative? This is what my left and right hand look like at the moment!

Until next time, I bid you goodboo. x

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  1. Love the color. Keep posting more blogs about girly stuff. Thanks!